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What is quartz glass?

time:01st January 70

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What is quartz glass?


Quartz glass is made of silica and contains crystals and silicon dioxide. Quartz glass is widely used in electric lamps, semiconductors, optical communications, military industry, metallurgy, etc. Quartz glass has five advantages: high temperature resistance; corrosion resistance; thermal stability; good transmittance; good electrical insulation.


Quartz glass has excellent electrical properties. At room temperature, the resistance of quartz glass is 10 times of that of common glass, the dielectric loss of all frequency is very small, and the dielectric strength of insulation is large.

Quartz glass also has the properties of cosmic radiation resistance and impermeability of nuclear fission products. Quartz glass and quartz glass fiber can be used as rocket nozzle, spaceship heat shield, observation window, etc.


Quartz glass has excellent optical properties, not only visible light transmittance, but also ultraviolet and infrared radiation.


Quartz glass is an indispensable material in the production process of semiconductor materials and devices. In short, with the development of modern science and technology, quartz glass has been widely applied in various fields.


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